Chose Democracy

Training Wrap-Up

The experienced trainers and organizers who founded Choose Democracy knew that preparation helped people to act powerfully, so training became a core component of our strategy to stop a coup. Between mid-September and the end of election week 2020, we trained nearly 10,000 in How to Be an Election-Related Power Grab!

We focused on people-power and the strategies that worked in other countries where coups have been defeated nonviolently. Here are some learnings we heard directly from training participants:

“I learned defending democracy takes courage! I had to really think if I was prepared to take to the streets if needed.”

“I learned that it’s almost impossible for a single individual to do anything in a situation like this. We must work with others, and build bridges to others who may not think just like we do.”

“I learned so much from you and you gave me new things to do and think about that really lowered my level of anxiety and feeling of helplessness in the fall.”

“I learned that I’m not alone; many people want to protect democracy… and that there are many actions that can be taken to push back on possible coup attempts. I also learned that this process must continue. Democracy is not a destination; it’s a process in which as many citizens as possible must get involved!”

Although Choose Democracy as an organization will not continue past the inauguration, the process of defending democracy will be carried on by all of us. Below you’ll find a few ongoing training resources. And here’s a behind-the-scenes peak at what helped Choose Democracy get off the ground so quickly.

Thanks for your vigilance, commitment, and courage.

Our Team

Choose Democracy trainings are led by a rotation of experienced trainers from diverse backgrounds. Their decades of experience span a wide range of movements, including Civil Rights, LGBTQ, labor, racial justice, and climate justice. To read trainers for a specific training, find their bios on the Zoom registration page.

Additional training & support resources

DC Peace Teams: Bystander Intervention and Nonviolent Communication

These sessions, by DC Peace Teams, will discuss the challenges that voters, election workers, demonstrators and others will face during the voting, vote counting, and results declaration periods, and how ABI and NVC tools may be used to protect the election process.

Nonviolent Direct Action Training Resources

Living document of national and local nonviolent direct action trainings, resources, and organizations.

Stopping the Coup: Guide for 2020

A curated, non-inclusive but representative, collection of resources to support action in this time of political uncertainty during the 2020 election process in the USA.

Count Every Vote Campaign Training Calendar

Training calendar by the Count Every Vote Campaign, as well as trainings hosted by partners that are being opened up to a wide audience. This calendar will be updated continually.

Finding Your Role in this Moment of Social Change A downloadable introduction to social change that includes an introduction to nonviolent direct action.

Resistance Hotline by Beautiful Trouble

The Resistance Hotline is a new take on a 1-800 support line offering training and nonviolent action planning to build a strong resistance movement. Brought to you by Beautiful Trouble & partners.


If your organization is hosting trainings that you would like to see shared here, please email