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How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab

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There’s a chance that a desperate Trump will respond to a narrow victory by Biden by declaring the election fraudulent, urging his base to support his continued Presidency. This training will share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready for that possibility.

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Please do not attend train-the-trainers sessions unless you’ve been through the training session itself. Our trainings are non-partisan and do not endorse any candidates for election.

George Lakey

George Lakey has led over 1500 workshops on five continents. He co-founded and led Training for Change before becoming the Eugene M. Lang Professor for Issues in Social Change at Swarthmore College; previously he’d taught at Penn and the Martin Luther King School of Social Change. His first arrest was in a civil rights sit-in and he was arrested in January at the Capitol for demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. He’s published ten books on change, including How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning (Melville House, 2018).

More Trainings

The following trainings are not hosted by Choose Democracy. If you have already signed up for “How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab” with George Lakey and Zein Nakhoda and you are interested in additional training approved by the Choose Democracy Team, take a look at the links below.

If your organization is hosting trainings that you would like to see shared here, please email

Hold The Line Trainings

Hold the Line has created a guide designed to help people from all walks of life take action to ensure that the election is free and fair, and that the results are respected. There is a role for everyone in this effort, and your help is needed. Trainings are being offered October 22nd and October 27th (both 7:30-9pm ET)

DC Peace Teams: Bystander Intervention and Nonviolent Communication

These sessions, by DC Peace Teams, will discuss the challenges that voters, election workers, demonstrators and others will face during the voting, vote counting, and results declaration periods, and how ABI and NVC tools may be used to protect the election process.

October 29 4:30-7:30pm and October 30 2-5pm EDT: In collaboration with our partner, Nonviolent Peaceforce, there will be an ONLINE training in Nonviolent Community Safety for Election Scenarios. Full training is both segments and only for those in the DC Metro Area. REGISTER HERE.

October 31: We will offer an ONLINE training in Unarmed Civilian Protection and Accompaniment deployments from 10-12pm and 1-3pm EDT. Post-Election scenario focus. Full training is both segments. REGISTER HERE.

November 14: We will offer an ONLINE training in Active Bystander Intervention from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm EDT. Focus will be on Post-Election scenarios as necessary. Full training is both segments. REGISTER HERE.

Unarmed Civilian Protection and Accompaniment by Teams

Focus on post-election scenarios. Learn a methodology for protection, reduction of hostility, re-humanization of parties, as well as increasing local peace infrastructures. The skills learned can be modified and applied in many scenarios. 10/31/20 10-12pm and 1-3pm (2 parts).

Election Defenders! Training Series hosted by The Frontline (ongoing)

Election Defenders will be working to provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water), and election and voter defense, de-escalating right-wing intimidation tactics and signaling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out.

Nonviolent Direct Action Training Resources

Living document of national and local nonviolent direct action trainings, resources, and organizations.

Stopping the Coup: Guide for 2020

A curated, non-inclusive but representative, collection of resources to support action in this time of political uncertainty during the 2020 election process in the USA.

Count Every Vote Campaign Training Calendar

Training calendar by the Count Every Vote Campaign, as well as trainings hosted by partners that are being opened up to a wide audience. This calendar will be updated continually.

Resistance Hotline by Beautiful Trouble

The Resistance Hotline is a new take on a 1-800 support line offering training and nonviolent action planning to build a strong resistance movement. Brought to you by Beautiful Trouble & partners.

More coming soon.

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10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup

How we think and talk about the possibility of a coup matters. Here are the 10 things we think you should know as we prepare for the possibility of an undemocratic power grab.

Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy

Everyone has a role to play in defending our democracy. The Hold the Line guide is a step-by-step handbook on how to prepare and what to do in case attempts are made to subvert the election results.

Transition Integrity Project Report

A group of election experts ran multiple scenarios on possible disrupted Presidential elections. Their conclusion? “A show of numbers in the streets — and actions in the streets — may be decisive factors.”

Read their report…