Chose Democracy

A Pause in Trainings

In the last several weeks, we’ve trained close to 10,000 people in how to prevent a coup, which we are defining as “the undemocratic seizure of power backed by the threat or use of violence.” 

To prepare for this possibility, thousands of you called your politicians and demanded that they count every vote. You made plans with your unions to strike if the will of the people was subverted, and helped train others in nonviolence resistance. Despite the frustrating headlines, our collective strategy is working.

Trump is trying to steal the election, but he doesn’t have the institutional support to pull it off (the pillars of power we talk about in our trainings). While his tactics are very concerning for democracy – undermining the peaceful transition of power and public trust in our elections – none of them shows the potential to overturn the election result. There’s a deteriorating democracy, but there’s no coup.

Choose Democracy is watching events carefully, but believe the coup attempt is behind us. Meanwhile, we’re pausing our rigorous training schedule unless we see evidence otherwise. 

We will plan one more webinar to assess what we’ve learned and achieved during this historic period and to prepare for the period ahead. Our democracy has definitely frayed, and a fabric that is frayed is easier to tear.

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Our Team

Choose Democracy trainings are led by a rotation of experienced trainers from diverse backgrounds. Their decades of experience span a wide range of movements, including Civil Rights, LGBTQ, labor, racial justice, and climate justice. To read trainers for a specific training, find their bios on the Zoom registration page.

Additional training & support resources

DC Peace Teams: Bystander Intervention and Nonviolent Communication

These sessions, by DC Peace Teams, will discuss the challenges that voters, election workers, demonstrators and others will face during the voting, vote counting, and results declaration periods, and how ABI and NVC tools may be used to protect the election process.

Nonviolent Direct Action Training Resources

Living document of national and local nonviolent direct action trainings, resources, and organizations.

Stopping the Coup: Guide for 2020

A curated, non-inclusive but representative, collection of resources to support action in this time of political uncertainty during the 2020 election process in the USA.

Count Every Vote Campaign Training Calendar

Training calendar by the Count Every Vote Campaign, as well as trainings hosted by partners that are being opened up to a wide audience. This calendar will be updated continually.

Finding Your Role in this Moment of Social Change A downloadable introduction to social change that includes an introduction to nonviolent direct action.

Resistance Hotline by Beautiful Trouble

The Resistance Hotline is a new take on a 1-800 support line offering training and nonviolent action planning to build a strong resistance movement. Brought to you by Beautiful Trouble & partners.


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