About Choose Democracy

Choose Democracy’s mission is to prepare as many Americans as possible for the possibility of an undemocratic power grab or coup in November. Our work involves psychological preparation, helping people grasp that this really could happen here.

We built Choose Democracy as a short term platform, not an organization that lasts beyond this moment. We focus on “What to do if there’s a coup?” so other groups can keep their focus on other important efforts: voter outreach, preventing voter disenfranchisement, defending vote-by-mail, and making things better whoever wins. We offer the pledge, training, handbooks and resources on how efforts can succeed to stop a coup.

We’re sharing resources gleaned from academia and case studies of people who have successfully thwarted coups in the past. Our articles on these issues have reached more than half a million people, with tens of thousands of people signing our pledge to resist an unlawful power-grab. We have trained nearly 10,000 people.

Want to connect? Sign our pledge, attend a training, or drop us an email at .