Action Center

Each of us can play a role in defeating a coup. Find up-to-date actions to prevent a coup or stop one that starts.

Organize a local group and ask your politicians to commit to counting every vote

People arm-in-arm with talk bubbles saying "count vote"

Gather a group of your friends, neighbors, or coworkers, pick a local government official, and use the guide below, make a plan to pressure them to publicly commit to ensuring that all votes are counted & the results are respected. Use the Hold the Line guide to start a pressure campaign.

Call or write a letter to local elections officials demanding a fair process

Phone and letter

Protect Our Elections will help you send a pre-written letter or make a call to your local elections officials asking them to do their duty and protect democracy. Email or call your local elections officials using a script from Protect Our Elections.

Hit the streets on November 7 to defend democracy

People waving fists and signs

Hundreds of groups are planning a day of nationwide marches to demand all votes are counted and to ensure the fair and peaceful election result. A massive show of numbers throughout the country will demonstrate our resolve to choosedemocracy. Find a local action or add a new one to the map

What’s the plan after that?

To prepare, we’ve written an article on “The game plan if Trump coups” which lays out what we believe are likely tactics for regular folks. They include:


Read the complete article on What’s the game plan if Trump really does try to steal the election? 7 tactics to stop a coup.