Take Action

Following the November 3, 2020 election, there may be an attempt to claim a false victory before all votes are counted and the results are clear.

Defeating an undemocratic power grab requires us to act decisively to challenge the coup with mass protest and acts of nonviolent civil resistance.

Below are actions you can take before and after Election Day to defend democracy.

Before Election Day

  1. Demand state & local officials commit to uphold democracy and count all votes.

    Pick a local government official and focus your attention on getting their commitment that they will ensure that all valid votes are counted and its results honored. You could pick your governor, state representatives, secretary of state, county clerk, mayor, city clerk, sheriff, chief of police, or high ranking officers in your state’s national guard. You can decide the tactics best for you, to enable a wide range of participation and pressure. These could include requesting meetings, petitions, letter writing, rallies, sit-ins, and more. Here is a thorough campaign planning guide from Hold the Line.

  2. Counter voter suppression and document intimidation in early voting states.

    Voter suppression is happening. One key method of voter suppression is making people fearful to turn out to the polls, including fear of violence and militias. We can be in solidarity with each other at early polls to protect each other and provide safety.

    If you live in a state with early voting, you can organize an action to provide safety support for people who are trying to vote, de-escalate any intimidation or disinformation spreading, and document voter intimidation efforts. Sign up for an Election Defenders training led by The Frontline.

  3. Encourage Election Officials that we trust them to run smooth & secure elections

    The goal is to have election results to be trusted. This simple sign-on letter from Protect Our Elections is a way to encourage election officials to do their duty and know we’ll stand with them if they do. There is still time to call or email election officials and signal support for pro-democracy policy. Here is an email or call script from Protect Our Elections.

After Election Day

  1. Hit the streets on November 4 with Protect the Results

    If election results are undermined, there is a coalition called Protect the Results that is activating nationwide marches to demand that all the votes are counted to ensure the fair and peaceful election result. A massive show of numbers throughout the country will demonstrate our resolve to defend our democracy. People all over the country will be hitting the streets on November 4th. You can find a map of actions here – if you don’t see one in your community, host one and add it to the map.

    If you’ve signed the Choose Democracy pledge, you know that there’s a chance that mass mobilization alone won’t stop a coup attempt. If that’s the case, we will keep this page updated with ways to come together and shut down the country until democracy prevails.